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I am looking for prospective Ph.D. students to work on the verification of hardware and software systems, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Please refer to the slides for more information.

Short Biography

I am on the academic job market! Here are my

I am a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with Software and Computational Systems Lab at LMU Munich, Germany. I obtained a Ph.D. degree in Electronics Engineering from National Taiwan University in 2021. My research directions are the analysis and optimization of computing systems, with a focus on formal methods.


Software Projects

I am the primary designer and maintainer of the following projects:

  • Btor2C: a translator from the word-level modeling language Btor2 to the programming language C
  • Btor2-Cert: a certifying hardware verifier using software analyzers
  • CPV: a circuit-based program verifier
  • reSSAT, erSSAT: solvers for the random-exist and exist-random quantified fragments of stochastic Boolean satisfiability
  • ssat-benchmarks: a collection of stochastic Boolean satisfiability formulas for benchmarking (Contributions Welcome!)
  • TLCollapseVerify: collapse operation and efficient verification of threshold logic in a synthesis/verification tool ABC

I participate in the following projects:


My email address: nian-ze.lee@sosy.ifi.lmu.de

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My GPG key can be downloaded from the Keys OpenPGP server. Fingerprint: 6211 DD38 D7BD 0167 253B B4F8 EBA3 A3F7 F4F9 BBEC